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Photo by Kelly Mason

Writing Services


My writing services range from copyediting to long-form article writing. While food and music are my bread and jam, I have an aptitude for communicating about other subjects as well. Just shoot me a message about what you need help with and we can work together to figure out how I could best be of assistance!

Prices vary depending on the type of writing, word count, and anticipated completion time.





Web Content


Blog Posts


Struggling to figure out just what should go in your author bio or how to best describe that product you're trying to sell? Whatever your web content woes are, I can help get the message across effectively.

Poor grammar ruining your vibe? Allow me to work my mercurial magic! Whether you've got a lengthy manuscript or just need a few paragraphs looked over, I'm here to help.

Need help generating content for your blog? I would love to help expand your audience with quality copy! Thanks to my work with World of Vegan, I also have ongoing experience using SEO integration .

Have a publication that could use some well-rounded insight? From short-form to long-form, I am comfortable writing extensively about subjects that I am familiar with while also being open to new challenges.


Photography Services

I am currently available to shoot portraits, profiles, live music, and nightlife events. Prices vary depending on the type of photography, length of the shoot, amount of outfit changes, and number of final images delivered.

Are you a fellow photographer or creative who needs an extra hand? I am also available for assistant and photo editing work in the NYC area and beyond!


In addition to being fully vaccinated and boosted, I mask up with at least a KN95 during the entirety of my shoots and get tested regularly.

Which COVID-19 precautions are you taking as a photographer?

I do not but am happy to recommend some amazing videographers that I have been following for years.

Do you do video work as well?

Could you help with both promotional photos and writing for my event/business/organization?

Potentially! Depending on your timeline, we would work together to figure out whether it would be feasible for me to do everything and if not, we could discuss bringing on an assistant to get the job done in time.

Many factors go into determining how to price photography! In addition to the time spent taking the actual pictures, other things to consider are:

- Cost of travel.

- Time spent editing. Some edits only take a few seconds while others—such as object removal—can take much longer.

- Cost of gear (camera, laptop, lighting, memory cards, photo software, and much more!).

- Expertise. Whether taking a paid course or watching videos online, there are limitless ways to keep improving as a photographer. All involve time and some involve both time and money.

How is the pricing of your photography calculated?

Similar to photography pricing, there are many factors to consider while pricing writing work:

- Cost of travel, if necessary.

- Time spent writing and/or editing.

- Time spent researching, if necessary.

- Cost of gear (laptop, mouse, desk, etc).

- Expertise. I've been writing and studying English for years!

How is the pricing of your writing calculated?